We have many events during the year for club members. We will post event information online with dates, times and locations.

Club Picnic – Cancelled

Dues/Fees – Contact Tom Rowan to take care of @ 440-228-7413

Lucky Shoots – See Evemts

Campsite Lotto – Campsite lotto was May, 13, 2020. All lottery application fees will be returned.

Kids Halloween Party has been canceled. 🤢

3-D Shoots -Restrictions utilizing COVID-19 safe distancing

October 14th Summer Raffle Winners:

Lonnie’s Summer Raffle held on October 14, 2020 had the following winners:

Bob Dow -Sig.365, Jon Stoltz -Springfield, Duncan Brown-Ruger Precision Rifle, Tim Sikon-16 ga., Frank Burkholder-CZ Rifle, Jeremy Tuttle-S&W, Marcus Makoski-Ruger LCP, Shannon Redford-Ruger Wrangler, Joe Goliath-Savage Axis, John Zema-Pellet Rifle, Gary Wyland-Crossbow, Mike Evangelista-Rossi .22. Thanks for your support!