The January 8, 2020 meeting was called to order by President Doug Mclean at 7:00pm. Roll call of Officers was taken and quorum was present.
SECRETARY: John Kucera (440-223-2482) lcrgcsec@gmail.com. The reading of minutes from the last regular meeting of January 8, 2020 was waived on a motion by Chris Latona and seconded by Scott Sterle and passed by membership.

TREASURER: Lynn Harley lynn70c@gmail.com Lynn reported that the checking account starting balance brought forward from December 31, 2019 was $23,034.12 after expenses of $729.50 and income of $1,169.51 there is a balance of $23,474.13. Total in savings $150.071.218.

PRESIDENT: Doug Mclean (440-298-3510) gonwest@windstream.net Dues for ACWCL of 200 were paid on a motion by Lonnie
Sparkman and seconded by Rodd Merrill, motion passed membership. The Club workdays will be held April 25, 2020 and September 19, 2020, please plan on attending, there will be free food and a chance to win a nice firearm. A motion was made by Larry Davidson to approve Radio Ads for 1 year on WDOK Saturday morning show at a cost of $500, Scott Sterle with membership approving the motion. The Hunter Education Outdoor Weekend will be June 26, 27, and 28.
1st VICE: Gary Wyland (440-339-9671) gswyland@sbcglobal.net This years Club Picnic will be held August 15.
2nd VICE: Tom Rowan (440-228-7413) Dues/Initiation Payments / Work Hours Complete Reminder Regular member annual dues, initiation fee payments and work hours must be in/complete by March 31, 2020.Previous year cards with work hours signed for by Officer or Trustee need to be returned with payment.

If mailing Membership Dues, please send to: PO Box 81, Painesville, Ohio 44077 and include a self addressed/stamped envelope to expedite return of old and new membership cards.

Cards/monies owed may also be dropped off at the monthly meeting.
ODNR WILDLIFE OFFICER: Ryan Pawlus was in attendance to go over possible Coyote regulation changes and fishing regulation changes.

TRUSTEE REPORTS: Bernie Moss (440-478-8606) bernie_moss@steris.com Elections will be held at the March meeting. Possessions that will be up for elections are Sgt. At arms, Range Officer, 1st VP and Treasurer. If you are interested in any of the positions, please contact Bernie for the election form.

HISTORIAN: Paul Callender (440)813-7976 paulcallender44@gmail.com None.

PONDS & LAKES: Ryan Jakosh (216-403-5908) rjakosh@me.com Ryan needs help cleaning up foliage around the dam’s so if you need work hours please contact him.

RANGES: Eric Presley (440-413-1586) Range hill is closed until April 1st. Please remember to remove any trash that you bring down to the ranges. There are two 4X4 targets in the pavilion for archery practice.

FUNDRAISING: Lonnie Sparkman (440-221-2131) lonniesparkman@gmail.com. The Winter Banquet was held February 15, 2020 at the Perry Community Center.

SPORTSMEN’S ALLIANCE: Visit http://www.sportsmensalliance.org Tom Rowan (440-228-7413) None.

ACWCL: Lonnie Sparkman (440-221-2131) lonniesparkman@gmail.com and Tom Rowan (440-228-7413). Over $100,000 was brought in for this year’s event held in November.

CLUB PROPERTY: Arnold Padgett (440-223-4147) arnoldpadgett@yahoo.com. Arnold made a motion for $300 for corn and was seconded by Dave Mallone with the motion passing membership. Arnold made a motion for $300 for fire extinguishers to be place in club buildings and was seconded by Rod Merrill with motion passing membership. The walkways around the pavilion will be replace in the spring. Arnold will also need help putting up gates at the new ranges at the front of the club.

TURKEY SHOOTS: John May (216-347-3329) None.

3D SHOOTS: Frank Burkholder (440-259-5775) burkscabin@windstream.net None

CAMPSITES: Arnold Padgett (440-223-4147) arnoldpadgett@yahoo.com Lonnie
Sparkman (440-221-2131)
lonniesparkman@gmail.com. Campsite lottery will be held at the April membership meeting and the $100
applications will be accepted up until the drawing. Remember any Camper on club grounds will require a
valid State license plate and must be insured.

CLUB GEAR: Bill Halsey (440-357-5245) wrh59@yahoo.com Mr. Halsey has shirts and sweatshirts
with club logo’s @ $20.00, and pocket camo t-shirts, lady pink camo shirts, let Bill know what you
need. If you have a clothing item you want the Club Logo on, see Bill and he will have it done
for a small fee. Bill will have his inventory posted on the club site soon.

WEBSITE: Mike Evangelista (440-417-4804) lcrgclub@gmail.com The website will be getting an upgrade and will be down for one week in December. If you plan on having a work party please get the information to Mr. Evangelista so it can be placed on our website immediately.
The Newsletter goes out one week before the meeting and often is too late to inform members of worktime opportunities.
www.lakecountyrodandgunclub.org The site Username = member Password = archer2014.
Anyone who has any pictures or information to be displayed on the Club website please contact Mike.


NEW BUSINESS: A motion was made by Jack Freeman to let the treasurer pay the $200 ACWCL without having to go through approval and was seconded by Bill Burnes with the motion passing membership.

GOOD AND WELFARE: NWTF banquet will be held March 14, 2020 at Harpers field Community Center, See Paul Callender for tickets.

If mailing Membership Dues, please send to: PO Box 81, Painesville, Ohio
44077 and include a selfaddressed/stamped envelope to expedite return of old and new membership cards.

50/50: For a total of $51 with $25.50 going to the winner Lonnie Sparkman.
Club President Doug Mclean adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

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