The July 12, 2023 meeting was called to order by Club President Doug McLean at 19:00 hours at the club pavilion. There were ten officers and twenty-three members signed in.

MINUTES:  The minutes of the last regular meeting were reviewed and motioned by Scott Sterle to be accepted as printed.  Dennis Spring seconded the motion and the motion passed.

TREASURER:  Tom Rowan presented the fund balances as follows: $69,952.00 checking, $100,059.86 savings, $1,734.65 Square Pay.  Rowan noted that the club property taxes would be paid in July at an estimated $8,000.00.  A motion was introduced by Lonnie Sparkman to begin to acquire a banner for the club for special events not to exceed $200.00.  Tony Gascon seconded the motion and the club voted to approve.

PRESIDENT:  Doug McLean opened the meeting with a special mention of thanks for Kurt Banford of Kurt’s Shooter Supply for donating the hot dogs and the use of his hot dog cooker for the club work days.  McLean also thanked Tony Gascon for bringing doughnuts for the work parties.  McLean reported that there were only 7 people at the last work day, but they still managed to accomplish a lot of projects.  Currently, there are only 25 people entered to win the work day firearm.  The last work day is August 12.  Work will begin at 9:00 am with lunch at 1:00.  This is the last work party before the picnic and the last opportunity to be entered to win the firearm.  The floating docks completed by Henry Demeza and crew look very nice and are ready for use.  The remaining docks will be scheduled for completion sometime next year.  Also, the generator is to be installed the weekend of July 15, 2023.  Matt Sisson has been approved to purchase the old generator as long as he moves it.  This year’s youth hunter’s education class will be a joint effort with Ashtabula Rod & Gun at their facility.  You can register at www.ohiodnr.gov or contact Paul Callender for more information.  McLean noted the increased rules violations that are happening at the gun ranges.  If you see someone and do not wish to confront them, get a license plate or make and model of a vehicle and anonymously report it to any board member.

1st VICE:  Gary Wyland reminded the club that the annual summer picnic is August 18.  We will have a work party the day before and the day after for set up and clean up.  Wyland informed the club that there is a form for the picnic with a recommended $5 donation which is used for to plan for the amount of food and other items to purchase.  Members and guests should bring a dish to share that should feed 10 to 12 people.  There will be accommodations for crock pots and chilled items.  Please label any dishes you wish to have back.  Deliver all food to the pavilion and volunteers will see that it gets to the appropriate area.  If you’d like to donate the use of a cooler, please label it with your name as well.  Ice will be provided.  If you wish to bring your dish to the pavilion just prior to dinner, Wyland will make an announcement prior to opening up the food lines.  Wyland also noted that there will be a work day June 17, 2023 starting at 9:00 with lunch around 1:00.  This year, the children’s raffle tent is loaded with more than $2,500 worth of prizes!  There will also be a saw dust scramble and candy scramble for the children.  Tent camping only will be allowed for the picnic.  That means no RVs.  All ranged will be closed Saturday and Sunday until noon.  No ATVs, 4 wheelers, or golf carts will be permitted.  As a request, please do not bring glass bottles.  We also encourage members not to open carry.  Concealed carry is acceptable.  There are a number of other volunteers needed for the horse shoe tournament, the corn and meat stations as well as serving the meat.  We will also need a person to monitor and collect trash during the picnic.  Handicapped parking will be extended to include a minimum of 10 spots this year.  We will be having a youth fishing derby the day of the picnic.  Please bring a fishing rod, tackle, and a lunch for your participants.

LUCKY SHOOTS: John May was not present.

RANGES:  Bill Behrens reminded everyone to clean up their brass and please keep the shooting shed in good condition.  Please note that range rules are posted at the ranges and more specifically, the range hours are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Sunday.

PONDS & LAKES:   Ryan Jakosh reminded the club that the youth fishing derby will be the day of the picnic, August 19, 2023.  Ryan Jakosh motioned for $1,000.00 for fish and prizes for the fishing derby.  Mike Evangelista seconded and the motion was approved by the club.  It should be noted that the funds from the Ashtabula Conservation League are intended for youth events and the monies from working the White Tails Banquet will be used for this event.

CAMPSITES:  Brandi Huntington was not present. 

SECRETARY: Kevin Dauterman noted email issues with many of them being on the recipient’s end.  Please add the following email addresses to help mitigate the newsletter being blocked by your email server.  [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Members who have consistent email issues will be moved to USPS.

FUNDRAISING:  Lonnie Sparkman informed members that there are still a lot of tickets and monies out.  The sooner it is turned in, the more likely Sparkman can acquire more raffle items.  This year’s theme will be a hunter’s theme with all three guns being Ohio legal hunting rifles.  The picnic will also have a bow and accessories in the raffle.  The ticket winner guns are as follows.  1. Bergara B-14 Ridge in 450 bushmaster 2. S&W Model 629 in .44 mag revolver with a 6” barrel 3. Henry .22 mag large loop lever action rifle 4. Ruger American 350 Legend bolt action rifle.  Sparkman also told the members that there will be $10 and $20 card raffles.  A S&W CSX 9mm package has been added to the card raffles.  Sparkman is currently working to acquire a Henry Homesteader for the picnic as well.  The auction tent will include items such as a big screen TV, bows, tree stands, a bike, a laptop, and more.  There will be a raffle ticket table to purchase your tickets and get your referenced number.  If you would like to sell tickets for your work hours, please contact Lonnie Sparkman 440.221.2131 or email him at [email protected].  Tickets are also available to see or for sale at Jeff’s Garage in Fairport Harbor and Kurt’s Shooter Supply in Painesville.  Sparkman also reminded the club that he is working with the Yuengling to sponsor a couple events for the club.  All firearms must be picked up at Kurt’s Shooter Supply starting the Wednesday after the picnic.  The winner must present a valid ID and undergo the background check if not a CCW permit holder.  Andy Davis donated really nice American flag plaques that Lonnie Sparkman will utilize in the raffles as well.

MADISON PROPERTY: Rod Merrill informed the club that the August 12, 2023 work party will be focused on preparing the club property for the picnic.  Timber will need to be cleared for raffle tents and other games.  There are plans for a hayride as long as weather permits.  Please contact Rod Merrill if you are able to help in any way or if you are in need of work hours.


3D SHOOTS: Frank Burkholder was not at the meeting.  August 5 and 6, 2023 will be the extreme 50 shoot.  Come out and get to know the property.  This shoot will use almost the entire club property.  The shotgun ranges will be closed that weekend since the shoot will cover that area.  Donations are $10 for adults and youth are free.  Archery is also doing a season long 50/50 raffle with tickets 3 for $5.00.  If you would like to help set up for the extreme 50, please contact Ryan Jakosh.

MEMBERSHIP:  Jennifer was not present.

HUNTERS EDUCATION: Our hunter’s education instructors are going to join forces with Ashtabula Rod and Gun for instruction this year.  Classes will be on July 26, July 29 and July 30.  Paul Callendar will be one of the instructors for this class.  There will be 50 spots available for youth students.  The classes consist of instruction on Wednesday night with active shooting participation on Saturday and Sundar.  You can register for this class on ohiodnr.gov with 44004 as the criteria for hunter’s education.

HISTORIAN: Paul Callendar had nothing to add.  Please contact Paul Callendar for more information on this year’s youth hunter’s education class.

GOOD AND WELFARE:  Mike Evangelista noted that the website is up and working.  Evangelista stated that camping applications, copies of club minutes, and other information can be found on the site.  Forms for the upcoming picnic can be found on the website.  Evangelista also stated all of the rules and regulations are available on the website.  New members should contact Mike Evangelista for access and help with the website.  Check it out!

Tony Gascon encouraged the club to check out the club’s gun broker Kurt Banford, owner of Kurt’s Shooter Supply is offering special discounts to club members.  New members should take advantage of the discounts and check out the store.  Kurt’s is always able to order your special firearm or accessory.  222 Main Street Painesville, Ohio 44077  https://www.kshooters.com/

50/50: $53.00 total.  $27.00 won by Dan Calhoun

Club President Doug McLean closed meeting at 1940 hours.